I take to long to post in here.
well right now is all good.
I saw kurt today.
made me really happy i did!.
he makes me really happy

so yeah hanging out with my baby grrl amba!
love that hoe!..lol
yeah and the homies adrian and OCl.


but yeah
im really exited im heading for 8 months with kurt
how freaking koo!.
i want to spend my hole life with him :]
cant wait until friday to see him again


in other news kick back at adrains
we going to blaze none stop!



okay going to bed now

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destroy everything u touch!

so yeah i stayed home today... im a lil sick...so i took a shower and clean my house made some breakfast wich carlos ate and yeah...

i was suppose to go to this ska show tonite but i dont have a ride back... like a know maybe jojo and lingo can bring me back but i dont want to risk it and i think is rude if i ask....

so now me and my sis are doing movie nite
and see what happens... but i realy want to go out...

in other new i hate chris ... he cheated on his gf... baster!!... so im not talking to him anymore!... nad he keeps calling me a hoe just cuz i dint want anything with him... and GRRRR he pisses me off!!!

then christians mom hates me and doesnt want me to see her stupid son ... what a bitch!!...


i need money for warped tour!!
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so this is how it is!....

drama drama drama!!
thats waht this hole week has been about...

for starters the fight...
jessica with diana....fair fight... both talk shit .... both got down and solve it...
im not sure who won.... they both got good hits... blah i can careless too... at the moment i thought it was funny.... when i actully stared to think i thought it was stupid... and i felt bad for diana ... jessica she can careless waht happens to her in school... For diana there is prom and stuff she need to worry about not getting into fights...
i was there and i didnt stop it cuz it was not my fight and they both just need to solve it there.... not throght the internet.... cuz then it would never stop....

i also talk to amber... she decided not to be as kool with me as before....
sucks cuz i still concider her one of my closes friend.... she try to fix this she really did try!.. i can tell this was important to her.... and insted of sticking with her i let her down.... she gets mad cuz i didnt stop it... it wasnt my fight .. she gets mad cuz i did not try hard enogh to fix the problem
well i did try!!..

today i had a talk with loopy....
i basacally told her everything.
i let it all out.
i hope things get better!

other than that carlos got me tickets to see the sounds with morning wood and action action YAY!!!
and i went to eat chinese food AGAIN!!
and edgar left me for the week.... grrr him
and there is a show this friday ... i hope to see dave again.... if no there will be other ppl!!..lol


ok im goin to bed....
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wow im a roll!!...lol

i keep on realizing things out.....

ok to start... i realize im a JERK!!.... yeah i am
second.... i am mean
third.... I HATE PIMPS!!....at lease me and ej do!...
forth.... i made problems a lil bigger with the hole drama with friends and what not...
fifth.... i think we are goin back in time...lol

and the most important one is that evryone is a a slut and and and a lier and a jerk and just bad things....

man i feel really bad for my friend micheal... and his gf...
and he call me a jerk...

then me and chris went out to eat after 6th per and he told me that grls dont get lose...haha .... mna thw kid is funny...

then me myriah amba and jessica hang out and then danny , steve, and darren came over and yeah .... we ate pizza haha

and today im goin to a show in south gate... A REDSTORE BUMBS are goin to play!!!....yay!!


at lease after a nite of fun i wont go and sleep with any of them....
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im bored and tired and i think i have the flu

ok so today was kool

woke up , clean, got a call from ppl that wanted to hang out.... so i first go to redwest with some friends!.... MYRIAH, KT, JESSICUH, BRIAN, MARK, and some other kid i dont remaba hid name ... i ate 2 lices of pizza and a salad!... it was good!!!
then came home change and went out again and chilled!!!... then came home went to sleep!... woke up wash my colths and got on line!.... and now goin to sleep!...lol

yeah boring day huh???

sun was kool
went to the movies to see FINAL DESTINATION 3 and it was really good!!...
i saw edgar there it was so funny so cute so weird!!...lol
i got some hot chocolate!!...lol it was good!!!

i think im getting sick and i jus took medicine and i can keep my eyes open so good nite!!!

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oh man i cant handle this!!!!...lol...

yesterday was awesome... so many shit happen but i dont feel like goin through it
baxacally is just
Jumping fences
Gettign super high
Tonys Party
Got high agin!


Party at chris..ss basement
Get drunk


Get high
Ruben<3 comes over
Watch movies
..... we may watch the saw II...

or ill so both...hahaha that souds like a good plan

tom???.... who knows ....

ok so we are watching the saw II and i cant handle it is too much !!!